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Before you decide to buy any products on our website, please take the time to read our terms and conditions for buying anabolic steroids online at Useastaap.org.  We would like to remind you that by purchasing any product on our website, you automatically agree with the following terms and conditions:

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  1. We assume no liability for the use of any products supplied. The material contained on this website (and on any sites linked from and to this site) is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to promote or support the taking of anabolic/androgenic steroids or other drugs.
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  3. Pharmaceutical drugs administered to minors to boost their athletic performance are strongly disapproved of.


  1. All products have printed expiration dates on the packaging. If you receive products with expired dates, do not use them and contact us immediately for a replacement.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, and subject to your statutory rights in respect of quality and fitness for purpose, we make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind concerning products sold.


To order the products or services from us you have to be at least 18 years of age.

We take no responsibility for confirming the importation requirements and regulations of the purchase with the purchaser’s country of origin. All products are delivered

  1. At the full risk of the purchaser.
  2. In agreement of holding reservations towards any legal action, that might be brought against the purchaser if not acting following the regulations and importation laws of the destination country.
  3. International currency rate variations and changes in fulfilment costs may cause prices to fluctuate without notice.
  4. The articles on this site may include embedded content, for example, films, photographs, articles, and so on. Embedded content from other websites operates as though the visitor had visited that site directly.
  1. The availability of products is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. All orders are final once the payment has been processed.
  3. After making a purchase, you will receive an email with your order number, a list of the products in your order and the product specifications for each item, your username and password (that you have chosen), and the ability to check the progress of your order while it is being processed.



  • The estimated delivery time for our regular delivery to all UK cities is 7-12 working days (and non-UK deliveries take a maximum of 10-13 days).
  • Delivery dates provided by us are based on best estimations. Our liability for delays in delivery by the postal service, unforeseen damages, incurred losses or additional charges is therefore excluded, unless in circumstances where our negligence was involved.
  • As soon as you place your order, we’ll deliver your products to the address you gave at checkout.


Delivery delays may also occur during national holidays or when the postal service in charge of delivery is experiencing a problem.


We wrap our packages in carbon photo paper. X-ray scanners cannot penetrate this paper, making it impossible to see what is inside the package.

This means that you can choose to have your items disguised as toys, video cassettes and/or any other object of your choosing.


  • If a parcel is not delivered due to customer problems (was not at home, failed to get the item from the post office in time), we will not redeliver your items for free as per our replacement policy.
  • Only items seized by customs or damaged in transit are redelivered for free.
  • Over several years of operation, we have achieved a 99.5% success rate in getting parcels cleared through UK customs control.


The goods supplied to your designated address become your property once the delivery is signed for and your parcel is opened, and we assume no responsibility for lost or damaged things once you have received, reviewed, and verified the goods.

To avoid any dispute, it is recommended to take a video of your parcel while you are opening it for the first time.


  1. If the purchaser provides inaccurate delivery information, the order may be misdelivered and/or returned to the sender.
  2. In the event of misdelivery, we will not be held responsible for order losses or any other damages that may come from this.
  3. Due to the nature of the discreet discrete delivery technique we employ to protect you from identity theft and fraud, the deliveries are non-returnable.