Testorapid (ampoules) Alpha Pharma 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


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Substance: Testosterone propionate,
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml),
Brand: Alpha Pharma

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Alpha Pharma-produced Testorapid is a high-quality and potent anabolic sports drug for sale in the UK and based on Testosterone Propionate, the fastest-acting testosterone ester. This steroid is most often used in sports that require high-quality, muscular muscles. But Testosterone Propionate doesn’t only receive consistently positive reviews by bodybuilders and weightlifters, but also by swimmers and track & field sports competitors.

It should be mentioned that it can be applied to a variety of situations to attain any purpose. Despite its high price, the substance remains popular due to its efficiency and the positive results it yields, even though beginner athletes are rarely able to afford it.

Athletes are drawn to Testosterone Propionate because of its quick action (it has a four-and-a-half day half-life), which is short in comparison to other testosterone esters, which tend to last longer. The androgenic and anabolic effects of Alpha Pharma’s Testosterone Propionate are identical to those of natural testosterone.




Alpha Pharma’s Testorapid 100mg/ml injectable steroid ampoules for sale in the UK can provide the following benefits:


•       A fat-burning effect


•       Increased libido and sexual performance


•       Increased joint and ligament strength


•       High-quality muscle development


•       Strength and endurance improvements.




To obtain the full effect of Testosterone Propionate injections, they must be administered every one or two days due to the limited duration of action. Oedema that may arise at the injection sites is a drawback of these frequent injections.


The steroid dosage should be calculated based on the athlete’s level of training and previous experience with similar substances.


Male athletes:

The recommended dose is 50mg at a time for beginners and up to 100mg for experienced male athletes, taken every other day.


Female athletes:

The recommended dose is 25mg at a time for beginners and up to 50mg for experienced female athletes, taken every 5 days.




The length of the cycle is also selected on an individual basis but can be completed in roughly 4 to 6 weeks on average.


Combinations Testosterone Propionate is frequently used in conjunction with other drugs to help develop high-quality and well-defined muscles.


Stanozolol, Masteron, and Primobolan are the most commonly used to compliment Testosterone Propionate. They improve the efficiency of workouts while reducing unwanted side effects, such as oestrogenic effects.



Testosterone Propionate ampoules for sale online with delivery across the UK

Delivery is carried out by Royal Mail 1st Class Post across the United Kingdom, including:


London, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bradford, Cardiff, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Dublin and Leicester.


•       Delivery costs £25

•       Orders over £200 are delivered for free!

•       The minimum order amount is £100.

•       The delivery time to major cities is 7–12 days and 7 – 17 days to outlying towns and regions.



Buy Alpha Pharma’s Testorapid 100mg/ml (10 amps) online in the UK with a credit card

Pay for your order easily and securely online using a credit or debit card or PayPal. After you place your order, you will receive an invoice through email, along with a link to an SSL-secured external payment page where you can safely enter your payment information.


Orders are delivered via Royal Mail 1st Class post within 4 working days of payment verification, and a tracking reference number is issued within 2 to 5 working days. You may monitor your delivery status at www.royalmail.com/track-your-item. A signature is required upon arrival to confirm receipt of your order.


Authentic Testosterone Propionate ampoules delivered in the UK

Your Testosterone Propionate is carefully and discreetly packaged to reduce the potential for product damage during transportation. Just send us a video of you opening your package for the first time, and we will replace any missing or damaged items at no cost.

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