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Substance: Anastrozole,
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Pharmacom Labs‘ Anastrozolos 1 is a popular anti-oestrogen sports pharmacology treatment available for sale in the UK that has no oestrogenic or progestogenic effects on an athlete’s body.

Anastrozole is used by athletes to carry out effective post-cycle therapy because it reduces the formation of oestrogenic unfavourable effects caused by excess oestrogen in the body because of high-dose steroid use. The active substance inhibits aromatization in the male body and is commonly used to prevent gynecomastia and accelerate the removal of fluid from muscle fibres.

Anastrozole has regularly proved its usefulness, garnering the endorsement of several seasoned athletes in online reviews. It can be used by athletes from several athletic disciplines, especially during cycles where it is important to undertake effective training, hasten the body’s recovery after the cycle, and increase the pace of toxin clearance after a cycle of steroids.

The aromatization activity is lowered by roughly 90% when the athlete takes the drug about 2-3 hours before the start of exercise. The active components in the body are active for 48 hours after they reach the body. As a result, it’s no wonder that this treatment is considered one of the most effective.




Pharmacom Labs’ Anastrozolos 1mg anti-oestrogen pills for sale in the UK can provide the following benefits:


Athletes and bodybuilders have reported the following advantages in online reviews of Anastrozole 1 mg oral anti-oestrogen pills for sale online in the UK:


•       Muscle mass improvements


•       Increased motivation to hit the gym hard


•       Because there is less stored fluid, muscle definition improves


•       Post-workout recovery is enhanced


•       The drug’s active ingredient swiftly enters metabolic systems and binds to proteins


•       Enhanced physical endurance and fitness


•       It’s useful to both men and women


•       It helps to prevent gynecomastia and hypertension complications.



Many individuals take Anastrozole as directed by the manufacturer, while the rest of the players try to follow their coach’s or sports doctor’s advice. Please keep in mind that only a trainer or a doctor can provide the most effective dose that will not only speed the restoration of the hormonal background after the cycle but also ensure that the benefits obtained are maintained.


•       It is suggested that you take 1-2 mg of Anastrozole once a week to avoid the detrimental effects of steroid usage.


•       If you’ve already acquired a side effect like gynecomastia, 1 mg of Anastrozole per day should be enough.


Tablets should be taken with lots of water before meals. After 2-3 hours of use, the medication reaches its maximal activity.


Athletes with a cardiovascular problem or individual intolerance to one or more of the Anastrozolos-1 components should avoid it.




Anastrozole can be used as PCT both during and after a steroid cycle. One treatment lasts two to four weeks for PCT and one week for oestrogenic adverse effects counteraction.




Anastrozole pills for sale online with delivery across the UK

Delivery is carried out by Royal Mail 1st Class Post across the United Kingdom, including:


London, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bradford, Cardiff, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Dublin and Leicester.


•       Delivery costs £25

•       Orders over £200 are delivered for free!

•       The minimum order amount is £100.

•       The delivery time to major cities is 7–12 days and 7 – 17 days to outlying towns and regions.



Buy Pharmacom Labs’ Anastrozolos 1 (50 pills x 1mg) online in the UK with a credit card

Pay for your order easily and securely online using a credit or debit card or PayPal. After you place your order, you will receive an invoice through email, along with a link to an SSL-secured external payment page where you can safely enter your payment information.


Orders are delivered via Royal Mail 1st Class post within 4 working days of payment verification, and a tracking reference number is issued within 2 to 5 working days. You may monitor your delivery status at A signature is required upon arrival to confirm receipt of your order.



Authentic Anastrozole pills delivered in the UK

Your Anastrozole is carefully and discreetly packaged to reduce the potential for product damage during transportation. Just send us a video of you opening your package for the first time, and we will replace any missing or damaged items at no cost.

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